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Ken Steinman
January 13, 2023
Our Story


November 2017

In 2014 stress was wearing down my 43-year-old body. I was burnt out and dissatisfied with my career. I felt sluggish and unmotivated.


A colleague kept raving about this CrossFit program she had joined and she finally persuaded me to check it out. CrossFit combines weightlifting and gymnastics with cardio workouts.

I was nervous. I had no prior experience in gymnastics and wasn't really into lifting free weights. I couldn't do a pull-up... I set expectations low. 👈 NONE OF THAT MATTERS

I took the plunge and joined that CrossFit gym. To my surprise, there were all these unexpected benefits!

I was meeting like-minded people at the gym and started making new friends. I was doing things I could never imagine doing. I had coaches! They made sure I was performing the workouts safely, with movements that matched my personal level of fitness. The workouts were fun. This place got me excited about prioritizing my fitness and in no time I was consistently training three or four times a week. Soon there were RESULTS! Of course, I felt stronger and more confident. BUT I LOOKED more lean and fit than I ever had in my post-high school life.

I loved this style of training so much that in 2017 when my CrossFit gym announced it would close, I decided to jump in and keep this great thing going.

In November 2017, we launched Clark Street Community Fitness and I began my career as a small business owner and fitness coach.

We now offer small group classes, personal training, and nutrition and lifestyle programs that will help you meet your goals.

If you have any doubts about whether or not functional fitness, CrossFit, or strength and conditioning is right for you, please drop your contact information into the contact form and schedule a call with me. We have a program for everybody.

We look forward to meeting with you soon.

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